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The World has changed.

25 Feb

We hear that cry constantly now,  from many voices, don’t we? And we know that is true.  Authorities are being run by emotional groups, and the calm, disciplined, educated minds who prepare for, and accept leadership responsibly are howled down by hoards of motor-mouthed, self seeking zealots, determined to stop rational debate.  Personal abuse and insults are replacing respect for persons, and rational debate cannot proceed for the noises they make.   Can a law abiding society survive this racket?

Now, in February 2017,   we are  bombarded with noise pollution, wrongly called Music in my view.   Intelligent conversation and speech is overpowered,  by  raucous backgrounds of irrelevant instrumental or digital sound effects. Even advertisements cannot be heard for the rubbish screaming behind the voices.      Orchestral compositions have expanded into damaging aural assaults, especially for the players themselves, and deafening rock music has destroyed the hearing senses of the population for about 50 years now. Yet they scream for more.    This is happening above incredible traffic noise from the air and the roads around us.

I don’t know how one little blog post can do anything about this, but I wonder if any one has bright ideas which may  remind the wider, noisy world of their stupidity.  How can we make a difference, in a world of such invasion?  We are mindful of protecting our children’s senses,   eyes, skin, smell from dangerous environments,  but the sense of hearing is bombarded all day long from excessive noise. Once destroyed, hearing won’t return.

Technology invades ever faster, and sensitive nuances of sound such as human voices, and tuneful music is swept away in its path. Combining with music making away from technology, and speaking conversationally, rather than needing to shout at each other must surely be a wise goal for a peace loving community. Where may we find it today?  Most of  the Music Shops in my world’s most livable city, Melbourne, Australia, have closed now. Ghastly noises while you wait for ever to speak to someone on the phone are an abuse.  Radio and TV presenters need voice training and effective speaking advice before they are let loose on the public.   Monotonous, piercing mouthing of words is distracting and painful to hear.    Explosive dynamic changes in broadcasts are hideous too.

I cherish the music which is not ‘owned’ but shared quietly, easily,  by human voices alone, or with unamplified accompaniment on solo instruments.     Cinemas and concerts are far too loud, unbearably so  at times.   I’ve been prattling about this for a decade, so this rant is not a new one.     It happens to be a focus of mine which I can’t ignore.

Listen and learn are my tips for a society which cannot hear itself think. Share the music you can sing, hum and whistle which can bring happiness.  You don’t need an audience for that. It is a personal treat when you are alone too.   The less dissonance I need to deal with the better.  I’m glad I have a lifetime of enjoyable melodies in my musical memory. I am never lonely.   I enjoy my me time when everyone else goes to bed and I can think quietly.  Even so, the jet planes will make my house on the hill rumble when they power overhead from 4 am.

Time for a pillow now.

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