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Autumn 2018

2 Mar


Autumn in Melbourne, Australia, has arrived, and  I am hoping to enjoy it. It is my favourite season, I’m preparing to enjoy it , as  I find summer weather very tiring. It has higher temperatures more often, every year.

2017 raced away, and 2018 is settling in, even faster. Easter is almost here, and as Australians we are being told we are no longer what we thought we were for 230 years, but we are something different.   Well, unprecedented numbers of migrants are arriving in our capital cities, and our traditional suburban homes with their treasured back gardens and space around them for family life, are being knocked down all around us.   Traffic pollution and lack of infrastructure choke our air, and once again we are wondering when the next healthy fall of rain will refresh our gardens.   After a hot summer, will autumn and winter bring enough water to replenish our rivers and dam supplies?

A former premier of NSW Robert Carr, has just reminded us that if we put all of our desert continent’s rivers into the Mississippi River, they would not affect its flow one iota.  This fact is ignored as my home city, Melbourne, Victoria, for several years voted the world’s most liveable city, is changing to a carbon copy of the worst liveable, hideously overpopulated, fast, dirty cities ,  from where many of our new residents are escaping.

I posted this last Autumn – “Are we at the dawn of a frighteningly strange, new era? I don’t know whether to feel contentedly optimistic, or scared stiff?” I now know that, with thousands more arriving since then, this is unsustainable madness.  It is destruction of a culture, lifestyle and character which has stood us in good stead. Its roots grew  from

the great western civilisation tradition, superimposed upon thousands of years of indigenous aboriginal occupation.   

‘Growth’ is bringing disaster, confusion and unsustainability upon us. Immigration numbers need revision and control.  That is an urgent matter.   Apartment living is an unhealthy option, and vertical ugliness of architecture is depressing.

I believe I have known the best of Melbourne. I wonder if others agree with me as our climate brings extremes of heat and cold weather, destructive gales, and disappearing shorelines.   Overpopulation brings destruction, just as do polluted oceans and skies filled with machinery.      Quo vadis?























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